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Welcome Horse Owners

Equine dentistry has been a part of animal husbandry for centuries, and has had a recent resurgence since the 1960’s. Equine dentistry is an important aspect of horse ownership, and often leads to improved temperament and performance, efficiency of mastication, and overall quality of health and well-being of the animal.

The students attending the Academy of Equine Dentistry rely on our tremendous local horse owners during the two-week classes held three times a year.  It is imperative that horses get scheduled and that owners make these appointments, as students require hands-on instruction for their dental courses. The number of horses needed depends on how many students are enrolled per session. Spaces fill up fast and scheduling begins well ahead of class, but there are some cancellations and postponements, so call as soon as possible to be placed on the list.

If you are interested in having dental work performed on your horse, please fill out the form below (one per horse you are bringing), and we will get back to you to schedule a date.

We welcome questions about our program or equine dentistry in general and the opportunity to educate and inform on the importance of equine dentistry.

For horses needing immediate attention, please call the office at 1.208.366.2315 for a referral of an equine dental technician in your area.

We here at the AED want to thank all of our horse owners, for their dedication to their animals, and for their ongoing support for the Academy. We could not continue our work without you.

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