Schedule a Shuttle Ride

The Academy offers a shuttle to and from the Boise, Idaho airport for $55.00 per trip, which is paid to the driver directly. To utilize this service, we will need your flight details as early as possible: Airline, Flight Number, Date and Time of Arrival.  Students are asked to wait in the front of the airport terminal near the baggage claim area.  It would be helpful if you would provide a photo of yourself, for your file and identifying you at the airport.  If your flight is delayed, please contact the Academy office 208-366-2315.

Students arriving at very late hours, after 10:00 pm, are asked to stay overnight in Boise. ** The shuttle does not run after 5:00 pm on the first Sunday or at all on Monday morning before dental class.

This goes for departures as well: If you have to fly out too early, you will need to take the shuttle the prior day and stay over in Boise.  The shuttle does not leave Glenns Ferry before 6:00 am any day.  The following hotels provide shuttle service from the airport.  Please notify the office with your arrangements so the shuttle driver will know where to meet you the following day.

  • Inn America Phone: 208-389-9800
  • Sleep Inn Phone: 208-336-7377

The best advice is:  Do NOT plan on arriving at the last minute.  Come a day or so early.  Do NOT plan on leaving early.  Friday, the last day is a full day of class.  You should not leave until Saturday.  Do NOT make your reservations for odd hours, too early or too late in a day.

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